People around the world join Basic For Qt - inspired by the idea to make software available for everybody: a programming language that is easy to use, and a development platform that is stable, reliable and available at a low price.

We communicate by different means, most of them on the Internet. The following selection enables you to stay up-to-date, extend and explore your Basic For Qt experience, find new friends, and have fun in general.

The Basic For Qt community rests on dedicated volunteers to further improve our programming language and development platform in a number of different ways. Whatever your skills, there are lots of places to start contributing.


Postby berndnoetscher » Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:02 pm

The project is under active development and has a vibrant community. If you are looking at ways of helping the project, you are right here.
If you are interested in contributing, here are some pointers:

The selfish way is packed with adventure. You start by building your own software, and start using the compiler and tools. Eventually you will run into missing features, or a bug in the software. Since all the source code of Q7Basic is available, you can start tracking down the problem. Depending on how much time you have to devote to the problem you could: File a bug report; track down the problem and provide a better bug report; fix the bug and provide a patch. Ideally you will also write a regression test so the bug does not get re-introduced in the future.

The altruistic way is probably the easiest because you get to pick a piece of Q7Basic that you might want to work on. You can pick an unfinished class; help with the documentation effort; fix existing bugs; help with the tools or writing tests that help make Q7Basic more robust.

Why does KBasic Software require a copyright assignment?

When a developer contributes code to the compiler or the runtime engine, we require that the author grants KBasic Software the right to relicense his/her contribution under other licensing terms.

This allows KBasic Software to re-distribute the source code to parties that might not want to use the GPL version of the code.
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